Therapy Services

Therapy Services

Therapy Services

The term counseling and therapy are used interchangeably. Therapy assists those seeking support through a difficult time. The event driving one to seek support can stem from adverse experiences that has occurred in childhood or an event in adulthood.

Therapy can assist individuals in building coping skills to best cope with their difficult stressors and create skills/strategies/insights to address those stressors.

Common experiences needing support are: Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Trauma, Divorce/separation, Change of job/career/school, grief, dysfunctional family, Self-esteem, parenting, and LGBTQ related support.

Initial intake information is gathered through paperwork and an evaluation discussed with the therapist. This is an important step in moving forward to therapy. Afterall, you know YOU and your family better than any therapist who have yet to meet!

Therapy can come in different forms Such as: Individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, and couple’s therapy. The specific experience and particular person’s preference will guide was is the best fit.

Individual therapy is conducted 1:1 with the therapist to address an agreed upon goal to help process through one’s life experiences and develop skills to move through those experiences.

Family therapy will be conducted with part, or all, of the nuclear family involved of the identified patient. This is often utilized in working with children along with Individual therapy. Family therapy may also be useful in times of transition like separation, divorce, death, trauma, general parenting, attachment, and dysfunctional family communication related issues.

Couple’s therapy focuses on a married, or unmarried, intimate partnership trying to resolve mutually agreed upon goals to strengthen their relationship.

Group therapy has been an effective form of support in conjunction with, or after the course of, individual therapy. It can assist an individual to further utilize skills obtained and creates a group of support helping to normalize their common experiences.

The therapist is bound to HIPPA guidelines and required to keep all records and information confidential.

Therapy services are frequently paid through one’s medical insurance though each individual must verify if their plan has Mental Health coverage. Most Medical insurance will also have a copay associated with each appointment similar to a doctor’s appointment. This will vary from one insurance company to another. This will also need verified. Self-pay is an additional choice some choose to seek for therapy.

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